Book Release: Erotic Teasers

Image description: Erotic Teasers cover features a half open door in the foreground with a male/female couple undressing black clothing in the background. The book is propped on an antique door knob.

I am so excited to announce my work has been published in a hot new erotica anthology, “Erotic Teasers” edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press. Even better, the book released today!

There are 18 stories in this collection “that will keep you on edge. From orgasm denial to remote control panties, these characters are made to wait—and they love every minute.”

My story is entitled “A Real One” and is a F/F/M kink scene featuring seasoned submissive player Joanne, novice submissive player Beth, and their strict, but creative and compassionate Dominant Zach.

The theme of this anthology is teasing, so I won’t give away very much in the story. I will just say there’s a textured interplay between characters, references to lipstick… and a lot of spanking.

Here’s the veeery beginning of my story:

“Nine different tubes of pink lipstick were scattered over my bathroom counter. As my gaze scrutinized each one, I was not thinking about which shade would give my pout the most demure look or which tone would complement my outfit the best. To my eyes, each one looked like a deviously delicious punishment.
Pomegranate – demanding stripes from a leather strap. Mauve – hot, punishing bruises. Bubblegum – definitely a paddle. Sunset light pink – the perfect hand spanking. A jolt of pleasure shot up my spine and down to my toes. I picked up the tube to look at the name of the color. Number 11. Bare Blush. How fitting.”

Want more? The book is out now! Get your copy asap…



Image description: black and white nude male figure covered with magazines. “A great read is like great sex… sometimes it’s worth the wait.”
Image description: black and white sexy lady with disheveled hair. “It’s a good thing that reading this book only requires one hand…”

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