Toy Review: The Queen Bee from Hot Octopuss

Hello everyone, I am Leandra Vane your friendly Unlaced Librarian and I don’t just adore sex books. I also like to play with toys!

Which is why I am here today with a sex toy review that I am so very happy to be sharing.

It is the Queen Bee, a pulse plate technology stimulator from Hot Octopuss!

queen bee box
Image description: Queen Bee packaging set on a background of silver glitter and grey roses.

First, some background. Hot Octopuss contacted me back in 2016 regarding sex and disability. Since then I have written guest posts for the Hot Octopuss blog, in 2016 and again in 2018. Thus, last year, the company sent a couple toys and the Queen Bee was one of them.

So let’s get to it.

Ever since the Queen Bee was released, I’ve been wanting to try it. I’ll go into more detail later in this review, but due to my nerve damage and limited sensation in my body, I’ve constantly had to hunt for sex toys that feel good to me. From the Hot Octopuss site, some things that perked my interests in the toy:

“Founded on medical science and patented across the world, the Queen Bee is a powerful next-generation clitoral stimulator. Utilising our multi-award winning PulsePlate Technology™ to deliver a unique and intense experience, the Queen Bee is setting new standards for female toys. Unlike conventional sex toys, the Queen Bee uses a ‘piston’-type mechanism in order to generate extremely deep and rumbly oscillations. These high-amplitude oscillations are significantly more powerful and intense than standard vibrations and often lead to a unique and very powerful orgasm.”

First, the specs:

The toy arrived quickly in discreet delivery packaging. In the unboxing I discovered four pieces in the box. The Queen Bee, the charger (magnetic connection to the toy, usb to power source), a user manual (oblong in shape so you can easily store it with the toy), and the black storage pouch.

queen bee unboxed
Image description: contents of Queen Bee packaging: the toy, charger, storage pouch, and user manual set on same rose background.

To turn the toy on and off you simply hold the power button for two seconds.

queen bee buttons
Image description: close up of the button panel on the back of the Queen Bee.

Beneath the power button is the pulse setting. By pressing once you can scroll through six different settings—a constant vibration and 5 different pulse patterns.

Beneath that button is the strength of the oscillations, + for stronger, – for weaker. The maximum strength is reached by pressing + seven times.

These buttons light up in blue so you can see them in the dark.

queen bee lights
Image description: the same button panel in the dark, the buttons are lit up a bright blue.

The manual recommends charging four hours. The light on the charger will be red for charging and green when the toy is fully charged.

queen bee charger
Image description: the bottom of the Queen Bee panel with the magnetic charger attached.

The toy is 100% water proof.

Second, my experience:

When I first unboxed this toy, I must admit, I was really skeptical.

The toy itself felt a bit bulky. This plate on the front side—I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to make that work with angles and pressure. When I turned the toy on, it was loud and the rumbly feel of it made me think that this toy wasn’t going to be effective.

queen bee
Image description: front view of the Queen Be showing the pulse plate. The toy is held in a left hand resting on the grey rose background.

But, wow, was I wrong.

My partner helped me ease into it by first giving me a body massage using the toy. And I’m so glad he did! As a person with chronic pain issues, this is now my favorite body massager as well as sex toy. The pulse plate feels so good on my muscles and my neck, and it really is easy to handle using the toy in this way.

After I had warmed up to the toy, it was time to test it out. I waited a couple days until I was alone and in the mood to give it a try.

And—seriously—in less than five minutes… awesome orgasm.

Then less than five minutes after that—a second.

I was amazed. Amazed and in an awkward situation because I had literally blocked out 45 minutes for this experiment and in about ten minutes I was completely satisfied and ready to go build a house or something.

So, I thought to myself, maybe it was just because I was really turned on when I tried it the first time. I decided to wait and try it when I wasn’t turned on at all.

One day, I was really stressed out and honestly not in the mood to do anything, let alone masturbate. Fortunately I remembered wanting to experiment with that. So, I did. And… same thing. In five minutes I got off, and after another five minutes I got off again.

Now. Here’s the thing. I have nerve damage. I have limited sensation in most of my body and I cannot feel over half my body at all.

Of course, this makes reviewing sex toys tricky for me. I don’t tend to use sex toys, especially vibrators, to have orgasms. I use them to add to my sexual experience, build or maintain arousal, or use them to have fun with my partner/s. I rarely get off using vibrators, though when used in symphony with other stimulation, it has worked.

The Queen Bee, however, just worked. I didn’t need any other stimulation or play to have not just one, but two orgasms. I’ve never gotten off so quickly or more powerfully with any other toy. Ever.

Honestly, I was very surprised. And I can say that the combination of my using the toy as a body massager and the fact that it just GIVES ME ORGASMS, I don’t feel melodramatic in saying this toy has made my life better. I’m planning to buy a backup Queen Bee in case anything ever happens to this one. It really is that important to me now that I have this toy in my life.

So, while you’re here, I’ll explain exactly how I use the Queen Bee to get off.

First thing, I have always kept my clothing on when I masturbate. The feeling of disheveled clothing is both an added physical stimulation and a mental image of ravishing sexy times which helps me get off. So, I lay on my back, keep my panties on, and place the pulse plate right over my vulva, angled toward my clit, with the layer of fabric between myself and the toy.

When I first played with the toy, I had it on the setting for constant vibration for about twenty seconds and decided it wasn’t working. I quickly changed to one of the pulse settings and YES. I have found my personal favorite setting is the 2nd, the long pulse with one beat in between. Also, I do turn the strength all the way up, as far as it goes. The whole toy does vibrate when you turn it on, but the power and stimulation really comes from applying the area of the pulse plate.

With other vibrators I have had luck squeezing my legs together as I use the toy, but not so much with the Queen Bee. If you place too much pressure on the plate, it will stop oscillating. But I found simply holding my legs open while I use the toy is comfortable and extremely pleasurable.

I have used this toy a lot since I’ve gotten it and overall, I haven’t had many problems. As I said, the plate will stop vibrating if you put too much pressure on it, so a few times I’ve shifted or gotten really into it and pressed too hard and that will make the toy stop. If you simply lift the toy back up and relieve the pressure it begins to oscillate again. I’ve also accidentally hit the button to change the pulse setting, which surprised me, but really, it’s easy to change the setting back.

To expand this experiment, I decided to try using the toy with the hand I can’t use very well. You see, I cannot feel my right hand at all and I don’t have the greatest fine motor skills in my right hand, either. Many times during the day, if I try to hold onto something with my right hand, I will drop it and have no idea. Unless I’m looking at my right hand, I don’t always know what it is doing. So… that’s fun. But, since Hot Octopuss does strive to serve needs of disabled people, I wanted to see if I could still use the toy using only my right hand.

It took a little longer but I can say that the buttons are definitely the easiest to use than any other toys I’ve tried. It was also easier than other toys to handle and keep at the correct angle using only my right hand. I did drop the toy a couple times because, well, I knew I would. But the end of the day, I still got out with an orgasm in around fifteen minutes, so… I’m stoked.

Third, the verdict:

For me, the Queen Bee is the most effective sex toy I’ve found. This is everything I’ve ever wanted in a sex toy.

I will also add that, more than once, I’ve reached over to my side table to grab the Queen Bee, only to find it missing because it is sitting on my husband’s side table on his side of the bed. He has stolen this several times to use on himself and he tells me it works really well.

If you’re looking for something different, if you haven’t had luck with other vibrators in the past, or you want to explore new sensations, I highly recommend checking out the Queen Bee.

Fourth, get your hands on The Queen Bee:

Well, that’s the easy part. Just click here!


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