Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Volume 3

Image description: The book faces out on a shelf filled with other sexy titles. The cover features a woman laying on a bed gazing into the audience. The title text is thin and all capital letters. The whole photo has a darkened filter. 

Today I’m so excited to write about Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 3 edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel here on The Unlaced Librarian.


I’m very honored that one of my stories was published in the book as it sits next to so many wonderful writers. My piece is called “A Stolen Story” and features a F/F/M pairing with an historical flair.


In my story, my main character is a researcher who is enamored with a bit of local history: An Old West murder of a saloon woman named Rosetta and her younger lover George. I let readers decide if what commences is sexual fantasy or legitimate ghost sex. Because the world needs more sexual fantasy and ghost sex! I’m really proud of this story and I hope readers enjoy taking it in as much as I enjoyed creating it.


My story is one of the multi-partnered stories in the collection, but there are also straight and lesbian couplings. The stories are contemporary and some feature elements of kink. Most of the stories also have romance elements, though the heat level is definitely erotica throughout.


As a reader I had three stories that were my favorite.


The Follow-Through by Kris Adams


This story is set in a retirement community and features older characters. The plot was surprising and kept me guessing to the end. The story was sweet but the humor was sharp. I loved it.


Overexposed by Brandy Fox


This story featured a couple reunited after many years and the characters felt real and developed. The story was erotic and held that tension to the end.


Tanked by Lynn Townsend


This story featured a married couple and this author also kept me guessing to the end. Though the story was not a magic-realist story, the tone felt magical to me and that element really enchanted the story.


Overall, I love this collection. There were only two stories of the 21 that I didn’t finish. The rest held my attention through to the end. This is a wonderful buffet of stories for readers who are seasoned or new to the genre. If you’re interested in exploring erotica, definitely pick this book up. You could also request the book at your local library!

Image description: Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Volume 3 on a library shelf with other library books.

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